Shellfish Conversation Management

A large portion of Harrington's population makes their living by digging clams. To guarantee the future in this industry for our Town's residents, the Town of Harrington prides itself in the strict management of our seashore.

Licenses to dig clams in the Town of Harrington can be purchased at the Town Office during normal business hours. The license year runs from June 1st to May 31st of each year. Licenses may be purchased after May 15th for the new season. These licenses will not be valid until the 1st of June.

Conservation activities are made available to residents and non-residents. Upon completion of two conservation activities, a person may purchase their license at a discounted price.

Non-resident licenses are sold by drawing. After selling ten resident licenses, a non-resident name will be sold. This license must be purchased within five days of notification or another name will be drawn.

Licenses prices are as follows:

    Resident Recreational - $15.00

    Resident Commercial - $300.00

    Resident Commercial with Conservation - $150.00

    Non-Resident Recreational - $30.00

    Non-Resident Commercial - $450.00

    Non-Resident Commercial with Conservation - $300.00


Shellfish Conservation Warden

Scott Huber - 207-266-9134

Shellfish Conservation Committee

Everett Kennedy, Chair

Mark Hurlbert, Vice Chair

Matt Hurlbert

Erving Grant